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Professional Proofreading Service:

We specialize in working for speakers of English as a foreign language. Typically, our clients are non-native English speakers studying for higher degrees that require them to submit their work in English.

Our editors have considerable experience working with Arabic and Asian students as well as all over the world and offer a personal and confidential service. We understand your work is important to you – that is why we do not use automated systems.

We are professional academic and scientific proofreaders with many years of hands-on experience dealing with various types of documents. All our editors are native English speakers with at least Master’s level education (most of them hold a PhD), with extensive university teaching and examining experience. You can send us your thesis, journal article, book, presentation, research proposal, teaching material or business plan. We will make sure that your document will receive the expert attention that it deserves. Due to the subjective nature of academic proofreading, editing and the variations in the time that is often required between different texts, we offer three types of distinct services.

Proofreading services to meet the needs and requirements of all clients:

  1. Our basic proofreading service is for individuals, who simply require a second pair of eyes to glance over their text to ensure that there are no spellings, grammar or typographical errors.
  2. Our proofreading & editing service aims to provide a comprehensive service looking at everything from academic tone, to consistency and layout.
  3. The academic paraphrasing service covers all the same areas and addresses all the issues as the proofreading & editing service with the only difference being that this is aimed at individuals who require greater than average time editing their texts.
Basic Proofreading Service
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Academic Paraphrasing Service

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